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Forum on Making Policy on Preventing Sexual Harassment policy in Sports Sector

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has been implementing a series of measures to enhance corporate governance of NSAs. Developing policy to prevent sexual harassment is an essential component of good governance. NSAs are encouraged to formulate well-written anti-sexual harassment policies, guidelines and codes of conduct to recognise, prevent and deal with sexual harassment, so that everyone could participate in sports activities in a safe and mutually respectful environment free from sexual harassment.

The LCSD held a forum on 26 September 2021 of “Developing Policy of National Sports Associations (NSAs)” to explore policy on preventing sexual harassment in the sports sector. The forum enabled NSAs to grasp the principles and latest information of the relevant policy, and provided a platform for sharing of experience and views.

Keynote speakers of the forum, including Hon. Deputy Secretary General of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Ms. Fay HO ; Chief Executive of Hong Kong Sports Institute, Dr. Trisha Leahy ; Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors ; Coach Henry TANG and Athlete Ms. LUI Lai Yiu, shared their experience and views on formulating anti-sexual harassment policy and relevant issues.

Participants of the forum took part in a panel session and a workshop to discuss how to formulate effective anti-sexual harassment policies, guidelines and codes of conduct in accordance with the context of respective NSAs and sports activities, which will enhance the protection for athletes and prevent misconduct during sports coaching.

About 180 managerial staff, executives, coaches and representatives from NSAs attended the forum.